Ashokan Western & Swing Week 2001 Photos #4

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Ruthie, Molly

Peter, Peter

For my next trick...Pop gets HOT!

Blues Band

Karla & the kids

The Bunny Hop!

Dan & Agnes

Meredith, Dean

Lisa, Barry

Leslie, John

Hop on!

Doug, Harry, Kerry

People's Swing Band: Molly, Michael, Sharon

People's Swing Band ("There's a Small Hotel")

People's Swing Band

People's Swing Band

Gail, Stan

Deb in the Trunk Dress (it doesn't wrinkle!)

Western Harmony

Meredith, Sharon

Harry, Molly, Jay

Paul, Peter, Seth, Adrianne

Sharon, Paul, the Bubbles! Lawrence Welk Lives!
(I think my batteries were dying!)

Sharon, Paul

Shim Sham? Michael, Catherine, Vikki

Paul conducts

Ruthie, Molly

Don, Jay

Fooch, Jay, the Bob Wills cigars

Junior, the Legend lives on

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