Ashokan 2002 Photos #4

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Meredith conducts: "It's the Girl"

Elissa is "the Girl" on lead vocals (with Boa)

"It's the Girl ukeleles" by Monet

Meredith, Carlos Doug, Elissa: "It's the Girl"

Meredith, Carlos, Elissa, and John play John's piece: "Motion Sickness"

What happens when you get "Motion Sickness"?

Carlos, Elissa in Carlos' tune: "Writing a Love Song"

Honky Tonk Night: Junior, Carlos, Molly: "In The Jailhouse Now" (Thanks for the Guitar Jay!)

Junior, Carlos, Molly, Jay (holding MY guitar!)

Molly, Carlos, Jay

Junior, Jay

Jay, Junior, Ruth, Molly, Harry

Junior, Ruth, Molly

Lisa, Fooch, Junior, Guy: "Act Naturally"

Red dress, red eyes: Junior, Elissa, Colin

Susie, Peter, John, Ben, Jonathan, Conchi, Terry

Bill, Donna

Nancy, Chuck 

Shaun, Ben, Tao

Jill, John, Giant Bug

Professor Honeycat was there!

Colin, Peter, The Professor (Jonathan Royce), John

Lynn, Doug

Stasia, Billy

Barry, Conchi, Elissa, Guy

Mando 1 Class (This isn't "Rock 2"??)

Bill, Julee, the Band, and a Lindy Class

Swing Guitar 2 (I finally made it!)

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