Ashokan 2002 Photos #5

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Donna, Deb, Meredith show off their frocks

Jazz Guitar Class

Ashokan Farewell

Slow Waltz Class

Mando 2 & 1 Class

Drum Workshop

?, Stasia

Swing Guitar 1: Emily, Lucky, Carlos

Swing Guitar 1: Fred Sings "I'm Beginning To See The Light"

Barbara's takeoff on "Remember When"

Guy, Burchie: Fiddle from Scratch

Both "Riffing" Classes

Deconstructing Bluegrass Workshop

Ruth, Deb, John, Peter

Doug, Ruth, Deb, John

Peoples' Swing Band

Fooch & the Audience: Fiddle from Scratch & A-half

Meredith, John

Junior, Jay

Emily, Colin, Molly, Jay, Junior, Shaun

John, Vicki

Tao Sings with Peoples' Swing Band

Laurel Sparkles

Laurel, Peter, Dave

Bad Girls! Yum!

Kathryn, Stasia, Donna. Ouch!

Terry, John

Typical Ashokan females standing around chatting. Now you see why we love it so! Where's my motorcycle!

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