Ashokan 2003 Photos #1

Photos by Carlos Cardona, et. al., ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Honky Tonk Night: "I Saw The Light", Junior, Colin, Carlos, Elissa, Meredith, John

Someone solos (off-camera) in "I Saw The Light" (Is that Meredith or Loretta Lynn?)

More "I Saw The Light" (I SO wish my eyes were open!) Western Legend Junior Daugherty looks on

Sharon, Paul

Dave, Peter

Ashokan is FUN FUN FUN! Carlos, Stasia, Olivia, Stephanie, Elissa
Nashville Stars Barry & Holly Tashian dance in background

Billy, Jay

Marion, Tom

Ingrid, Jay

John, Stephanie

Dixieland Parade (There's always a show off!)

Meredith's Uke-estra

Stasia, Lisa

Sharon (Squared)

Doug, Elissa, John, Terry

Guy, Elissa, Colin, Conchi, Holly

Stephanie, Carlos, Elissa

The Nerds were a BIG HIT! Doug, Meredith, Susie, Kathy

Matt, Harry, Larry

Honky Tonk Setup. Fooch, Jay, Ruth, Holly, Billy, Tao

Molly, Peter, Will

Mando from Scratch

Meredith, Guy

Shim Sham!



Sharon, Barry

Ruth, Laurel, Matt

Fred, John

What's so funny?

Harry, Laurel, Larry

Tom Bigbee Waltz melody group from Mando Scratch: Sarah, Carlos, Ann (John's Mando!)


Vinnie, Laurel, Harry

Jay, Molly, Holly, John

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