Ashokan Western & Swing Week 2000

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Ashokan Swings!

Finally it stopped raining (but at Ashokan, it's what's inside that counts!)

Our hosts for 20 years, Jay & Molly (with Fooch, Barry & Harry)

Junior & Sean

Me, Gail, Conchi, John (Russell on drums) on "Something To Talk About"

Us again (with Elissa) on "Chan Chan" (from Buena Vista Social Club)

2 Mando tunes from John, Me on guitar

Fawn & the Crowd

Peter, Laurel on Cabaret Night

Vinnie makes do, Craig

Is Ashokan in step or what! Jonathan, Ruthie, Molly

Good performance takes rehearsal. Peter, John & the Parade Band


Matt, Laurel

John, Anna

First Family. Molly, Ruthie, Jay

Meg, Adrienne

Mary Ellen gets frisky!

Debbie, Patrick

Peter, Molly

Robbert, Meredith

The Ashokan Horns! Dave, Michael, David, John, Dan

The kids love a parade!

Elissa, Me (Photo: MaryEllen)

Vinnie, Larry, Harry, Matt, Laurel. How can you beat it?
A huge thanks to Jay, Molly and everyone involved. It doesn't get better!

© The New York Swing Dance Server All Rights Reserved

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