Ashokan 2006 Photos #1

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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We found the waterfall! (Thanks Elissa!)

Sunday afternoon it started, "The Great Flood of Aught 6"

Welcome performances

Peter, Jay, Harry

Caught! Smoker's lounge! (Note the hand behind the back!)

Dixieland Parade

Mystery Elissa


Sandy, Sharon

We jammin'

Parade begins

"Waterfall, nothing can harm me at all..."

Dave, Peter

South from the covered bridge

Colin leads the band, Kevin, Glenn, Junior, Linzay, Matt

Cindy, Steve demo


Monday night: Harry, Jay, Billy, Molly, Dave

Covered Bridge

Jonathan, Pinky, John, Robbert, Paul

Elissa, Gary

They look a little moist!

Oh no! Not THE CAPO!!! Jay is caught!

Linzay, Jay, Dave

Lynn, Steve

Barry, Gary

North from the Covered Bridge

Peter, Bev

Steve, Cindy

Junior, Linzay, Matt, Dave

Jay & Molly

Dining Hall

Junior, Linzay, Dave

Carlos (why am I so serious!)

Barry, Kate, Gary

See the rain?

Kevin, Glenn, Junior, Linzay

Laurie, Gary

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