Ashokan 2006 Photos #2

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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More Dixieland

Parade arrives at the dance!

Elissa, Valerie

Tuesday morning we awoke to this!

So much for Woods Tent

The Mom's Routine

Sharon, Cindy

Backup band for the Mom's

Linzay, Tom, Dave

Peter x 2

Steve, Cindy on Cabaret Night

We were all under water! Still sounded great! Vinnie, Matt, Laurel

Jay, Matt, Harry, Molly

James, Molly, Jay, Billy, Dave


James, Harry, Matt

Jay, Matt, Harry, Molly

Red Stick Ramblers

"Smoke...on the water" OK, fog on the water.

Dave, Harry

Dancing boys

End of the dance portion! Cindy, Steve, Barry, Robert

John, Jonathan

Vinnie, Matt gestures, Laurel

Susie, Richard, John, Jonathan

Colin, Junior, Billy, Dave

Tom, Chas, Eric, Kevin

Now I look happy!

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