Ashokan 2006 Photos #4

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Dave, Vinnie, Peter, Peter, Harry, Matt (note raingear)


Peter, John

Fiddle from Scratch

Contra dancing

?, Patrick, Ami, Erica, Maggie, Sue

OK Chorale

Jay's Country Vocal Harmony class

Silent Trail & Blue Shadows on the Trail

More Contra

The outrageous one: Guy

Stephane & Django Band


Western & Swing Classics

Waltzes & More

Contra Art

Junior's Fiddle Session

Rec Hall Jam

Matt's Guitar II class: Irving Berlin's "Marie"

The grown-up kids

Jim, Jay art


Peter's Improv class

Watching the show

Accordion to Craig

Terry, Craig, Molly, Dave

Fancy Dress Dinner!

Salsa thang

Susie, Junior

The winner gets a seranade

Junior, Terry

Kathy, John, Rainer, Olivia

Vicki, Anne

Kid's performance

People's Swing Band

Salsa thang

Tribute poem to the late Sean Blackburn

Dave, Conchi, Elissa

Jug Band

Katie, Sharon

It's not what you're thinking!

Dave, Doug

Pat, Susie

Jay, Matt

Dave, Vinnie, Peter

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