Ashokan 2007 Photos #4

Photos by Carlos Cardona, (et al) ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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The Great Ennunciator, Matt Glaser


Tom (nice guitar Tom! ;-)

Dinner Show

Reid, Evelyn

Reid sings

Doug, Jonathan, John, Rich, John, Isabel

Late Night Dancing!

Anne & Harry Honky Tonk

Radim, Andrew, Anne, Jay

?, Bjorn, ?

Miriam, Mariah, Laurie, John

Sally, Sue, Jill

Olivia, Mary, John, Cindy

Susan, Harry, Richard, ?, Peter, Beverly, Rich, Esther

Leigh, David, Marian, Tom

Matt, Tom, Dave

The Ashokan Quilt

Terry, Jeanne, Junior


Kid's Band

Joanna, Conchi, Barry, ?

Brendan, ?

Swing Fiddle I

Jay, Molly, Larry

Laurel's Singer's Workshop (without me - taking the photo!)

John, Rainer

Dave, Peter, Peter


Jay's ? class


Jazz Guitar II

Fiddle from Scratch?

The food is good!

Michael, Lou

Jay's announcements

Laurel's Singer's Workshop (with me! I'm the guy on the right, front row, white shirt!) See you next year!