Ashokan 2008 Photos #5

Photos by Carlos Cardona, (et al) ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Peter's Theory Class ("Chord Families")

Amy, Conchi's Grandson?, John, Anna

Western & Swing Fiddle & Guitar II (Jay & Molly)

Guy, Piano

Marian, Victor, Dale

Just Du-et! Vocal Harmony (Molly & Laurel)

?, Liz, Robbert, Guy

Dale, ?

Riffin' Together (Kevin & Tom)

Mandolin II (Barry)

Dinner Seranade

Mahrya, Jeanne, Linzay, Marion, Tom, Mary, Miriam

Bob, ?, ?, Faerie, ?, ?, ?, Dan

Deb, Madelaine, Dean, ?, Terry, Anna

Victor, Peter, Pat

Junior, Richard, Richard, Phil, Dave, Elissa

Karla, Bev, Peter

Tessa, Lily, Doug, ?

?, Rose, ?, ?, Sandy, ?, ?

?, Nila, Stuart, Rebecca

Waltzing with Jay & Molly

Conchi, ?, ?, Kathy, Rainer, Olivia

Swing Guitar I?


LA, Susan, Eric, Jon, Esther, Mark

Jug Band Class

Swing Guitar II (Larry)


Lou, Ann, Becky, Ellie, John

Jug Band Class (Dave)

Western Swing Orchestra

Just Du-et

People's Swing Band

Jazz Dance Ensemble?

Western Swing Orchestra

People's Swing Band

Bjorn, Carter, Billy, ?

Just Du-et

Just Du-et

Just Du-et


Just Du-et

Stephane & Django Band

Just Du-et

Boswell Sisters

Boswell Sisters

Carlos, Marian

Miriam, Glenn, Joanna, Jonathan, Pinky, Andre, John