Ashokan 2011 Photos #5

Photos by Carlos Cardona, (et al) ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Molly, Dusty, James, Dean?, Michael

Pinky, ?, Ellen, Frank, Matt, Chris, Clelia

Gerald, ?, Kathy, Jon, Jon, Esther

?, Susan, Mimi, Scooter, Dave, Elissa, Rose, Doug

Roger, Bob's Hat, Terry

?, Claudia, Katie, Rich, ?, Ann, ?

Cindy, Matt, Guy, ?, ?

?, Pat, Robert, Dave, Vinnie, Matt

Rob, Nancy, Eric, Giselle, Nathan, Rob, Deb, Anne

Carlos & Friend

Canada Day Fanfare

Waltzes & Slow Tunes

Mandolin Orchestra

Jug Band

Jug Band

Uke 2

Will & Tom Show?

Swing Harmony (Sweet Sue)

Scratch & Sniff Guitar?

King Kamanawanalaya

Western Swing Orchestra?

Uke 1

Uke 1

Hoi Polloi-chestra?

Jazz Dance Class

See you next year!