Ashokan 2012 Photos #5

Photos by Carlos Cardona, (et al) ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Bob, Ingrid, ?, Chuck, Nica, Steve, Doug, Terry, Dan, Michael, Deborah

Valerie, Billy, Terri, John, Jonathan, Daryl, Linda, Susie

Amy, Clelia, Eric, Larry?, Daniel, Jay, Tom, Kevin

Molly, ?, Kate, Wayne, Jane, Katie, Rich

Harry, Susan, ?, ?, David, Miriam, Mary, Esther, John

Sue, Dean, Robin, ?, ?, ?, Mary

Bev, Peter, Blake, Isabel, Karla, Michael, Becky, Ellie, John

?, ?, John, Joyce, ?, Scooter, Barbara, Madelaine, Stan

Kerissa, Eric

Guy, Eric, Michael, Carlos

Carlos, Marian

Guitar From Scratch

Mandolin Orchestra

Nathan as Chaplin

Guitar From Scratch and 1/2

Billy's Big Bangers

Junior's Sherriffs

The Sweet and Naugties

Polly Rhythm and the Offbeats

Jay & Molly's Waltz Class

Jay & Molly's Waltz Class

Three Armed Bandit (Larry's Swing Guitar II)

Three Armed Bandit

The HQC Strutters

Swing Harmony

The Night of the Swinging Dead

Dave, Lily

The A-Sho-Kan Swing Band

The A-Sho-Kan Swing Band

The A-Sho-Kan Swing Band

The A-Sho-Kan Swing Band


The People's Swing Orchestra

The People's Swing Orchestra

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