Ashokan 2013 Photos #3

Photos by Carlos Cardona, (et al) ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Troika Band!

Ska Band: Lily, Vinnie, Daniel, Dave, Lesley, Glenn, Peter, Harry, Chris

Daniel, Glenn, Dave, Leslie

Lesley, Peter, Harry, Chris

Eric, Glenn, Daniel

Chas, Gerald, Chris

Kendall, Laurie

Conchi, Amy

Barry, Esther

Catherine, Bojan

Cerri, Katie, Lily

John, Carol

Barry, Carol

John, Madelaine

Russ, Jimmy, Tanya, Ingrid

Daniel, Chas, Chris

Chris, Peter, Dave

Chris, Peter

Lady Freestyle: Katie, Cerri, Casey, Susan, Robin, Liz, Nancy

Elissa, Kendall

Conchi, Laurie

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