Ashokan 2014 Photos #5

Photos by Carlos Cardona, (et al) ©Carlos Cardona
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Barry, Carlos, Chuck

Laurie, Elissa, Barry, Dave, Rob

Elissa, Barry, Rob


Rochelle, Laurie

Honky Tonk: Elissa & Carlos

Jay, Ben

Stan, Marian

Daryl, Gerald

Kids Table

Colin, Billy, Gerald

Susie, John

Colin's Bass Class

Catherine, Terry

John, Janice

Terry, Catherine

Jay, Tom, John

Table Shots! Guy, Linda, Erin, Nathan, Laurel, Wrist!

Emily, Stefan, Matt, Carla, Jimmy, Ben, Zara

?, Barry, Kate, Michael, Catherine, Jon, Marian, Victor

Susie, Laurie, ?, Mary, Jeanne

Kathy, ?, Pat, Deb

Megan, Kevin, Pinky, Mike

Rory, Robin, Dave, John, Eric, Molly

Terry, ?, John, Bonnie, Tii, Stephanie, ?

Raj, Katie, Janice, Pat, Rich

Leslie, Robert, Sandy, Radim, Vinnie, Tanya, John

Jay, Molly

Molly, Sherry



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