Ashokan 2014 Photos #6

Photos by Carlos Cardona, (et al) ©Carlos Cardona
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Rochelle, Sherry

Jon, Bara, Susan, Deb, LA

Ben, Bara

Max, Tom, Matt, Kevin, Rob

Emily, Laurel, Molly

John, Laurel

Guitar From Scratch

Fiddle From Scratch

Fiddle From Scratch 1/2

Kate, Emily

Guitar 2

Jug Band

Duet & Trio Singing, Emily & Zara

John, Jay

Riffin' Together

Mando Band


Ukestra-Stompin' on the Ukes

Liz, Elissa, Rory

Jay brings out the tricks!

Django Band

Elissa, Michelle, Rich?

People's Orchestra

Dancing in the Dining Hall, last meal on Saturday