Ashokan Western & Swing Week 2005 #4

Photos by Carlos Cardona, Carol Lewis, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Honky Tonk! Carlos thing: "Hey Good Lookin'"

Ruth, Jay

LA, Ruth, Pinky

Susie, Laura

Swing Jam

Fiddle Tunes Jam: Susie, Richard, Craig, Carlos, Jill

Junior, Fred, Jay

Richard, Carlos, Fooch

Carlos, Elissa, Holly, Jay, Barry

Honky Tonk

John, Elissa

What key are you in?

John, Doug, Doug's Harp

Carlos, Elissa, Holly, Jay

Sue, Doug

Jay, Fred

Pinky, Tom

Richard, Fooch, Carlos, Elissa, Holly, Jay

Sue, Holly, Barry

Holly, Barry

Ann, Jay

Must have been humid! Valery, ?, Nancy, ?, Dave, ?

Jay, Sue, Holly, Colin

Holly, Barry, Colin, Laurie

Holly, Barry

Ruth, Holly, Colin, Jay

Jay, Ann

There's only one! Junior Daugherty

Guy, Carol. Uh huh.


Jay, Molly, John

John, Rainer

Jay, Barry, Holly



Songwriting Class: Sue, Dave, Deborah, Holly, Barry, Elissa, Carlos, Patsy

2 Peters


Mando Blues Class: Laura, Ann, Vikki, Molly, Jay, John, Shel, Esther, Sue, Carlos, Laura, ?


Beatles Jam!

Richard, Larry

Kevin, Tom

My favorite shot of Fred! ;-)

Cerridwyn, Colin, Catherine, Laurie

Beatles Jam went for like 3 hours!


Swing Part Singing Class: Eric, Shepley, Ann, Fred, Deb, Carlos, Missouri Mom, Richard, Betsey, Ziggy, Debbie

Shepley, John

Peter, Peter, Dave

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