2002 Annual Barry Koffler Barn Dance (New Paltz, Feathersite.com)

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Take some dancers... (Lee, Denis, Diane)

Add some beer, tons of food...

Some hot chicks...

the San Antones...

And then get WILD!! (Stasia, Stephanie)

Of course you need good hair!

Part of the backyard at Featherside, Barry's place

Guy gets into it

Stasia likes it

Susan, Barry (our host), Andrea

Billy, John

Frank, Risa

Andrea, Susan, Evan

Andy, Susan

The crowd

Gary, Donna, Sharon

Mary Ellen, Barry

Yasamin, Laila, Mary Ellen

Evan, Margo

Stephanie, Barry

Bojan, Sharon

The Next Morning. We go over for breakfast! Eggs, of course! Gary, Guy, Sharon

The Pond

The chickens are out! Miranda

Like the Bar Scene from Star Wars!

Are they from THIS planet?

Isabella (peahen)

I love animals! They're delicious! ;-)

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