Big Apple Dance Festival 2003 Photos

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Anthony, Tami

?, ?

The Lounge area, someone polluting the air

Carlos, Meredith (Advanced Strictly Swing)

Meredith, Carlos

Liz, Jerry

?, Dave

Sleeping Peggy, ?

Jerry, Liz

?, Catherine

Dance Manhattan WCS Team

Petey kneels, Niecie...howls?

Carlos, Carolyn

A class in West Coast Swing


The flying hat thing!

Meredith, Robert, Cody

Our lovely emcee, Meredith

Meredith, Carlos

Carlos, Kim

Half of Denim & Divas

Denim & Divas (Val, John, Liz)

Peter, Karen (Sorry about the Zombie eyes Karen!)

Nicole is having fun! Art is just being Art.

Hustle Action ?, ?

Sari, Diane

Bill, Dave got some DJ action

Tami, Art

Yuna, Melissa

Debbie, ?

The Shirt! (I have the same shirt!)

Wilson, ?

Carlos, Meredith


Captain Amazing takes the stage (with his trusty partner What's-Her-Name) Meredith, Carlos

Waiting for the Advanced Strictly Swing

Meredith, Carlos

Dave, Kristin

Carlos, Meredith

Ali, Jerry

Line Dance Action

BJ Brown (Head DJ)

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