Boston Tea Party 2000

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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It started with The Club Challenge!

Eric, Tammy

John Festa, MaryAnn Nuñez (how can you tell I'm Hispanic? The "ñ")

Me & Kay (Intermediate Just Swing, 3rd Place)

Heidi, Jack (looks like my last breakup!)

Tom, Cindy

Larry, Mary

Sally and Jacqueline chill out

Me, Sue (Photo: John DeRosa)

Carmel, Alan

Me and Sue Cath (Adv. Jack & Jill)

Joey, Carol

Sue, Richie (She looks like Leslie Caron doesn't she?)

Jacqueline, Jim

Me and Kay (Club Challenge, representing Shall We Dance)

George, ?

Corey, Robin

Kay, Corey (Intermediate Jack & Jill, 1st Place)

Kay, Cory again

Me and Kay (are we having fun or what?)

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