Carlos & Dave's Country Western & Swing Party 12/7 (at Stepping Out) Photos

Photos by Carlos Cardona/Liz Saldaña, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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The evening was a tribute to our special friends (who are leaving NY), Angel & Debbie Figueroa

Angel & Debbie taught a West Coast Swing class before the dance

Angel, Debbie, Dawne's hair

Liz, Carrieann, Jerry, Tammi

Jerry, Carrieann (Yes, Carrieann, you're on my website!)

Carol, John

Peggy, Wilson

Cathy, twice!

Evelyn, John, Wendy, Chet

Sam taught afternoon workshops, and did some DJing

Sam, Dale

Mary, Joey

Carrieann, Jerry, Ron, Angel

John, Carol

Got Hustle? Of course! ?, Jeannie

Evelyn, Jack

?, Neferlyn

Liz, Jerry

Dancers rest, Wendy sleeps (must have been a Blues tune!) ;-P

Lisa & Sam did a great demo

"Sit here."

Sam's impression of a Shag dancer proposing

Dave & Dawne did a Two-Step demo

Carlos, Johnny, Diane ("And that reminds me of another funny story...")

Angel & Debbie demo'd to "Texas"

Johnny, Catherine, Diane, Jocelyn

Debbie, Angel

The "Chain" dance (or the "Jump-in") Diane, Angel, Gloria

Debbie, Dawne

Check out Angel's smooth transition as he goes from Wendy to Hazel.

Angel, Marilyn, Kim's next

Queens of Country: Meredith, Debbie

Debbie, Diane

Debbie, John Knapp

Art takes Debbie for a spin

Tybaldt, Carlos, Johnny

Goodbye, we'll miss you!

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