Dave's Ballroom Thanksgiving Party (MD) 11/30/2002

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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A DJ's Living Room!

The (fuzzy) view from the dining room (Yeah. I got there early!)

Dave had a nice mosaic fire going

Lauri was just chillin' (note the fake cat)

Dave loves a good competition!

So the guests started to arrive...

Some of them looked real sexy!

Cool flag in front of the house

Can they do Two-Step in YOUR living room?

Of course, the kitchen is the second most popular room (note the guy taking pictures)

Kristin, ?

The crowd watches the dancers

Dave (finally, our host!) and Dawn

The Garrishs: Dawn, Dean, ?

Eliane & Gerald

West Coast is the Best Coast!

Judy was there

Cindy, Yvonne

More Two

Janene & Chris

Dave, Heidi

Kristin, Ed


Kim, Jaime

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