DC Dance Challenge 2000

Photos by Carlos Cardona/Pam Burton, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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The ravishing (and talented) Linda Kaye upon arrival at Easterns

Here's Linda when they told her what time the awards would be over! 911 was called.
Alan thought it was funny!

Tom & Dara rock steady (2nd, Adv. J&J)

"Let's take 2nd, okay? Okay!"

Laureen & Jennifer

Our lovely emcee, always Graceful! (Couldn't resist!)

Judges table, Lisa, Angel, Mike

Alison, Me

Larry, Niece

Jaime & Pam (1st, Int. J&J)

Tom & Wendy (I love it when they do that!)

Tom & Wendy normally

The next Deborah Szekely? And why does he have 2 wristbands? Names?

Pam, Me (2nd Place, Int. Strictly Swing) Notice RED LIGHT!

Me, Pam, RED LIGHT again! Coincidence?

Me, Pam, several RED LIGHTS! What could it mean?

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