Grand National Dance Championships 2000 Winners

(from Mary Lasurdo)

Carolina Classic (Shag)

1. Jessica McAlhany and Michael Norris

2. Sarah Kemp (nee West) and Sam West

3. Jennifer Beaver and Brad Kinard

4. Mandy Holt and Chuck Jenkins

5. Tabitha Talton and Joey Sogluizzo

6. Nancy and Gene Pope


Junior Swing

1. Jessica Cox and Jordan Frisbee

2. Heidi Groskreutz and Benji Schwimmer

3. Ramona Stasseld and Mark Eckstein



1. Deborah Szekely and Robert Cordoba

2. Sarah Vann Drake and Kyle Redd

3. Lisa Richardson and Gary McIntyre

4. Robin Uhrig and James Leyva

5. Lisa Austin and Barry Durand

6. Vanessa Mattox and Miehael Eads



1. National Shag Championships Dance Team

2. Dance Manhattan West Coast Swing Team

3. Midnight Train to Georgia



1. PeeWee and John Teel

2. Linda and Charlie Reese

3. Ellen Taylor and Don Bunn



1. Kellese and Brent Key

2. Blake Hobby and Bill Cameron

3. Brandi Northrup and Michael Kiehm

4. Jennifer Beaver and Grayson Smith

5. Ginger Pickerel and Michael Norris

6. Debbie Bernard and Angel Figueroa


Junior Shag

1. Leslie Melton and Grayson Smith

2. Leah Sanderson and Grant Garmon

3. Nikki Kontoulas and Norman Adredge



1. Vivienne Ramsey and David Howland

2. Lisa Richardson and Gary McIntyre

3. Tom Cochran

4. Lily and David Barker

5. Lisa Austin and Barry Durand


Strictly Swing

1. Sylvia Sykes and Ramiro Gonzalez

2. Ginger Pickerel and Kyle Redd

3. Sarah Vann Drake and Mark Scheuffele

4. Anne Marie McCabe and Angel Figueroa

5. Sharlot and Wayne Bott

6. Michelle Kinkaid and John Lindo


Jack and Jill (This is where there WILL be lots of misspellings!)

1. Julie Meyers and Michael Topel

2. Debbie Elkins and Jason Barnes

3. Stacy McBain and Anthony DeRosa

4. Tara Gerking and Greg VanWyck

5. Jane Cenercore and Richard Ware


Nikki Kontoulas was awarded the Dewey Kennedy Scholarship.