Grand Nat'ls Swing Dance Championships '98

New York Area Winners

Bill Cameron/Blake Hobby

3rd Place

Steve Neeren/Deborah Szekely

5th Place

Tom Cochran

3rd Place

Robert Cordoba/ Deborah Szekely

Strictly Swing
2nd Place

John Lindo/Ginger Pickerel

Strictly Swing
3rd Place

John Festa/Debbie Ramsey

Strictly Swing
5th Place

Wesley Boz/Kim Leftwich

Jack & Jill
3rd Place

George Hamrick/Mary Reilly

Jack & Jill
4th Place


Photos by Carlos Cardona/Wendy Berlin, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Arriving in Atlanta: Jennifer, Chickie, Dan, Mary, Rachel

First thing to do? Tan! Kerry Ann, Tom, Laura

A typical Alan moment!

Dawn, Me, Carol, Dan

MJ, Joe, Marilyn

At The Atlanta Fish Market. George, Jerry, Marilyn

Ah, the ladies! Mary, Chickie, Wendy, Tucker, Lisa

Clare, Me

Tom & Laura

Dan, don't look so sad! Look behind you!

Helena, Steve

Kevin, Judith

Alan & ?

No Alan, it's the great shot of Marilyn I was after!

Chickie, Clark

Judith, our poster girl! See you next year!