Grand National Dance Championships (Atlanta) 2001 Photos #3

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Strictly Swing

Me, Lisette

Hey, it's my website! ;-)

The Big Fish was there! Our annual trip to...

The Atlanta Fish Market! Gloria, Chris, Anoinette, Me

The other side of the table: Ally, Cara, Jerry, Liz

The Mural, Gloria

Jack & Jill winners: Eric & Ligaya (I told them they had won it!)

Andrea Deaton

?, ?

Jamie, Nancy Goldberg

Annie Hop

The other ballroom (during the day)

Outside the ballrooms (looks like John, Jamie & Pat)

Phil, Marilyn

Heaven! Kay, Jacqueline, Me, Elena

Jill, Ed

Robert, Nikki

Dale, Kevin

Kay, Dennis

Angel, Deborah

Angel, Deborah

Debbie, Erik

Angel, Debbie (last shot before I ran out of battery power!)

Brent, Kellese

Greg, Cynthia

Parker, Jo

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