Grand National Dance Championships (Atlanta) 2001 Photos #4

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Reyned, ?

Peg, Ramona

Ed, Jo

Corey, Ashley

Charlie's Angels?

Robert, Angel, Mario, Katie (showing Angel how to shoot?), ?

KerryAnn, Art

Donna, John, Terry

Nora, Lisette

The competition is over! Lisa, Sam, Deborah, Robert

Annie, Steve

Debbie, Mary, Rob, Anne

Gothamites! Chickie, Peg, Wendy, Joyce, Wes (looks like he's thinking about Gotham!)

Clark, Clara, Wes

John, Lee

Ally, John

?, Ramiro, Marilyn

Christine, Rich

Leopard Woman, Tybaldt

Classic Winners (go NY!)

The Trophies

John Lindo, Entertainer of the Year Winner
Photo courtesy Marie Wilson

Antoinette, John

Deborah, Angel

James, Katie

Michael, Sharlot

Sarah, John

Sarah, John

Sylvia, Ramiro

Sylvia, Ramiro

Robert, Nikki

Robert, Nikki

Debbie, Erik

Kellese, Mark

Jessica, Sam

Kyle, Andrea

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