Grand Nationals Dance Championships 2000

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Our lovely Renaissance Hotel, a great location for an event

Atlanta isn't like every other Swing Weekend! John & James?

See what I mean? Mario gets phatter during the Team Challenge

?, Erin (I didn't get this when I was 10!)

This much fun should be illegal! ? and Kay

Dance Manhattan Dance Team (2nd Place)

WHY I DO IT! My lovely partners Pat & Mary

Dance Manhattan Dance Team

Our annual trek to Atlanta Fish Market (same table for 3 years running, coincidence?)
Marilyn, Me, Pat, Ally, Kara, Jerry

Kara, Jerry, Ally (who'd have thought he'd have such CUTE daughters?)

Tom, Kim

Clark's back, Steffi

Eddie, Dorothy

Kevin, Wendy

PAYBACK! Kermit gets shot!

Liz, Dan

Eric, Tammy

?'s sexy back, Wendy, Alan (yeah, I could have cut her out, but why?)

#153, Jill

Jill, her Mom!

Andrew, ?

?, Marilyn

Dale, Daniel (Feel the movement? No? Wait 'til next year!)

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