Summer Hummer 1998

Photos by Carlos Cardona/Wendy Berlin, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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A Kyle class

Kate, Tucker

Rita, Charlie, Pat, Wingo

Judith, Susan

Patti, Paul, Terry, John

Blake, Deborah, John

Bill, Jody

The Boston Gang

Ron, Joyce, George, Steffi

Kathy, Paul

Patti, Jo

Bill gets a good lesson

Kate's REALLY enjoying this!

Jo and the Winner

That's our John!

What a talent!

The Lindo Hoop Show

Moore Lindo (+ only shot of me next to Patti, that's
what you get when you're the photographer!)


Looks like magic, doesn't it?

Wendy's tongue

This girl has a future in Swing!

Headless Limbo

John, Hazel, Gene, Art, Karen, Maira

John, Art, Jemethy, Karen

Paul, Chris, Dave, Stefan.
Looking pretty good there, Chris! Never mind!

Boys will be girls!

Marilyn, Ken

Dawn, Tommy, Dawn, Steve