Manhattan Penthouse May 2nd Photos

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Before the Dance - Outside (West Coast) Room

Looking East

Wes tries out as West Coast DJ - nice tunes Wes!

The First Couple of West Coast, Judith & Kevin

Jerry, Mary, Mary's Hair

White Man Sleeps. Anthony, Noelle

Laurie, Jacqueline, Eddie

Showtime! Marc & Beata wail

More wail!

Bruce, Susan

Manu, Dori

Robin, Dennis

Looking South after a drink! Get it? Blurry? (Hey, it's not bad for no tripod!)

Fuzzy Empire State

Inside (Lindy) Room

West Coast Room (Lindy Hoppers think we drink more! Well, we have more money!)

Skylight, Lindy Room

Conchi, Mary, Bob

Christine, Linda, Jack

Keith Hughes, Lindy DJ De Jour

David, Christine

Wes, Eddie, Terri, Greg

Terri wasn't ready in the last shot, here's another one! Eddie happy!

Marc, Tami

Libby, Sonia, ? Cute Lindy girls were there (think they're in their 20s?)

Bob, Debbie

Celia Does Lindy

Goodbye, so long, farewell! Thanks Dori for another great party!

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