North Atlantic Dance Championships 2000

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Root, for the home team! Dance Manhattan WC Swing Team

Laura, Kurt, Me, Jill

Great shot of our controversial costumes!

Never mind!

I just love this part of the routine! Thanks Robert!

Anthony, Katrina

Me, Kay (Chris & Ligaya in back) Open Strictly Swing

?, Tom (in a more subdued moment)

Bill Cameron, Ken Mercik (co-promoters), DJ Barry

Kal, Laura

?, BJ (Is this a great shot or what?)

Me & Kay

Katrina & Anthony

Beth, Corey (I LOVE IT when they do that!)

Steven Mitchell class

Strictly Lindy competition

Me, Amy, Brush (Bill & Kay prepare in back)

Lee shops

Ashley, ?

Robert, Grace

John, AnnMarie, Paul

?, Debbie

Eddie, Joe, Marilyn, Tucker

Corey, Erin

Ericka, Pam (I LOVE dancing, but it's not everything! THAT's everything!)

The high point of the weekend! Showcase winners Robert & Deborah

Amy had such a good time, she's started getting ready for next year!

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