NADC 2003 Photos #1

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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There was Lindy! (Champions Jack & Jill) Dan, Virginie

There was West Coast! (Anthony, Ligaya)

There was the NYC Skyline from your room!

And the lovely lake? A Springsteen lyric comes to mind ("somewhere in the swamps of Jersey")!

Sonia, David

?, Mickey

Jessie, Ben

Ellen, John

Ellen, John

Mary laughs as Rob tries to to tickle her armpit

Ellen, obligatory Art with a drink shot

Mr. & Mrs. (Heidi, Larry)

Ben, Deb

Dori, Peter

Dori, Peter

Jessica, Rotchild

Anne, Mike

Jay, Giselle

Ligaya, Anthony

Melissa, Doug

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