New Year's Extravaganza 2001 Photos #1 (New Year's Eve & Dinner Show)

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Let the Party Begin! Go Go Girls Nicola, Liz, Mary

"Ole, ole, ole ole"

Deborah, Mark (he IS a Marine!)

Dori, Carlos

Frank, Carlos. We Rule New York! (At least on the Web!)

Carlos, Dori

The Dinner Show was awesome! Wheee!

Chris DeMaci
(3rd Place 2001 US Open Cabaret Division)

Hop, Swing & a Jump

Jordan & Tatiana (US Open Champions)

Tribute to Eddie Vega (Choreographed by Arte Phillips)

Divas! Need I say more?

"Wait, let me tie my shoelace!"

Natalie & Yuval

Natalie & Yuval

"That's enough dancing for you, let's go!"

Kay, Bill, Gary, Michelle

More Go Go Action

Dori, Robert, Joyce

Robert, Nicola, Carlos

Dori, Joe

Jerry, Carlos (Photo by Liz Saldaña)

Robert, Nicola, Liz, Jerry, Mary

© The New York Swing Dance Server All Rights Reserved

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