New Year's Extravaganza 2001 Photos #3 (Just Dance/ProAms/J&J)

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Competitor's Meeting on Saturday

Pro Ams: Dori, Robert

Debbie, Denis

Mother/Daughter Act: Kelly & Samantha

Joyce, Robert

Father/Daughter Act: Tami, Austin

Steve, Angela

Erik, Randi

Tiffany, Steve

Carol, Manu

Ligaya, Dave

Just Dance Swing: Susan, Carlos

Keep going, there's LOTS MORE of ME!

Had enough?

Just Dance Hustle: Susan (in Wilma Flintstone meets Wendy O'Williams Top), Wingo

Jack & Jill: Susan, Joe

Antoinette, Eric

Kathy, Ben

Antoinette, Billy

Susan, Stevie

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