Summer Hummer 2002 Photos #2

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Dave, Dani

Club Challenge

Lee, Rotchild

?, Lee

Trish, Rotchild

Dave, Laura, Petey

Rising Star Classic: Maria, Eric

Eric, Maria

Anthony, Melissa

Anthony, Melissa

Anthony, Melissa

Nicole, Joe (1st Place)

Nicole, Joe

Nicole, Joe

Nicole, Joe

?, Heidi

Champions Lindy Jack & Jill. Kevin, Nathalie (1st Place)

Kevin, Nathalie

Lindy, Andy

Andy, Lindy

Dan, Carla

Maggie, Bill

Dave, Nicole

Dave, Nicole

Caitlin, Dan

Carol, Kevin

Bill, ?

?, Susan

?, Susan

Sonia, ?

?, ?

Johanna, Nando

Liz, Evan

Brett, Sidney

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