Summer Hummer 2002 Photos #3

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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?, Sonia

Johanna, ?

Johanna, ?


Blake, Corey

Mandatory shot of John Fink!

One of the winners!


Rotchild needed a little help - Niece and John

The "standing on the milk crate" game

The hair is the counter balance!


The headless giant!

The dance technique helps!

Kyle, Sara got each other in the Champions Jack & Jill! They won, duh!

Deborah, Steve

Deborah, Steve

Deborah, Steve

Robert & Sylvia get into it

Angel & Tatiana had a great dance (2nd place)

Angel & Tatiana

Angel & Tatiana

Angel & Tatiana

Debbie, Jordan

Robert, Jennifer

Kellie, Jerry, Amanda (now from Vermont-hence the shirt!)

?, Ally

Karen waves at her fans

Jennifer & Dave had fun. See you next year!

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