Summer Hummer 2001 Photos #1

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Jennifer goes for the record!

Dori. Who can say more?

Lee chills out

Jerry thinks I'm taking a shot of him! Dori, Nathalie

Jerry, Debbie

Wingo, Joyce

Dara, Joe

Corey, Jacqueline

Tybaldt, Yuval

Greg, Judy, Eddie, the Pole, Antoinette, Nicole, Mary

Mary, Catherine. Maybe I should learn more two-step?

Petey, Lee, Ludwig

Dave tries his "Mind techniques for Jack & Jill" on Lee ("Imagine the check being handed to you").
Karen is next!

Corey, Tami

Sam spins, Ron, Nelson, Bill look on (Michael in the background)

Vinyl Lives!

Anthony always wanted to get picked up, it's less work! Nicole shows her strength.

More Jennifer (you can't get too much!)

Dawne rocks

Check out the kid with the red trunks: "These guys actually REMEMBER the Hula Hoop!"

Uh, huh

Robert having too much fun!



The Champion shows off (it's alright with me!)

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