Summer Hummer 2001 Photos #5

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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(Some photos by Erik Novoa and Eli Pritykin)

Manu, ?

Me, Sue

Bill, Grace

Bill, Grace

Sylvia, John

Robert hypnotizes Debbie into doing HIS way!

Angel and Blake pretend they're doing Contra

Angel, Blake

No lying down on the job! Robert, Deborah

"Interesting deodorant choice Robert! What is that, Mango?"

Deborah rejects Robert's suggestion to become a Zombie too

Eli, Jodie (Club Challenge Winners)

Jodie, Dori, Eli with the Trophy

Okay, that's enough showing off!

Robert shows his Limbo tongue technique

Andrea, Johanna

The Limbo Team! Laura, Maryellen

She's back! She's Tami! Nice shot Erik! (Like they taught us in acting school, full back is a powerful position!)

Yuval gets down

Robert, Deborah

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