Summer Hummer 2003 Photos #2

Photos by Carlos Cardona, et. al., ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Nicole, Sonia, Christine

Carlos, Carolyn

Jordan, Robert, Nicola (+ 2)!


CT budds! What is Chris eating? Chicken?

Brett, Michelle

Robert. Don't quit your day job!

Dave, girl from Dartmouth

MA Budds: Stefan, Larry, Heidi

Wes holds court



Nicole has rhythm, Dori red bathing suit!


Here's how it starts! Nicole grabs Ligaya, "Stop struggling, you know you're going in!"

Yuval ends it, they both go in!

Corey, Erin (no +1, yet!)

Bill spirals


Bill, Ashley

Lindy babes Devona, Dori, Sonia, Christine, ?

Rotchild, Nicole

Elizabeth, Artie Hustle

The end of every Limbo!

Eric does the microphone bit

He didn't fall, it's just Erik being himself!

The backup singers join in. Laura, Carol, Nicole, Erin, Ashley

Bill, Tatiana

Good sense finally takes over! "OK, Erik, you've had enough attention!"