Summer Hummer 2000 Photos

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Ron, ?

Donna Roesel, Chickie

Me, Dara

Mary, ?

Amy, Me

Eric, Tammi, Leather!

Ready for takeoff!

Me, Dara

Blake, Bill

Tammy, Eric

The Former Lindo Show

Headphone Singing

Eric, Beth, John (John gets into it! Down boy!)

The John Fink Show

The Shag 2-on-1, Sam, Lisa, Kimberly?

The West Coast 2-on-1, Blake, Robert, Deborah

Lisa Limbo

The Last Guy Goes Down!

Nice Technique!


The Headless Limbo

The Winner (3 years running!) Cindy Brudner

Kim in the Hoopla!

"Up, up!" (It goes around your waist, Ray!)

Mr. Cool, John Fink

Ashley, Blake

The End! See you next year!

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