Ashokan Western & Swing Week '99

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Welcome to Good Times!

Then there's the view! The Ashokan Reservoir

The Two Debbies were there, our lovely dance teachers

Me and Stephanie

Me and the Band doing my song, Little Bullet (Photo: Jon Gersh)

Our hosts, Jay & Molly (and Harry, Junior, James)

Jay & Molly by Thursday! Who needs sleep!

Sean writes, Junior plays

We love a parade! Peter and friends

Elissa, Liz, Meg, Adrienne
I know, I know. It's a double exposure, blame the camera!

Getting ready for Saturday Night, the Root Revue!
Me, Janet, Meg, Ericka, Adrienne

Mambo Time!

Janet Emcees. NICE dress!

Peter, Kathe

Barry, Kathe

Jonathan parades

Matt, Susie

Swing Time

Elissa, Peter

Guy, Marie, Lou's Head, Patti, Elissa. Thanks for letting me in on the secret, Guy!

Until next year...Parade!

More Pix! Jon Gersh's Ashokan '99 Pictures on his website