New Year's Dance Extravaganza 2000 Photos #1

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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New Year's Eve! (Mary, Sheila, Festa's nephew)

Dan, Jacqueline, George, Steffi

John, Anthony, Felice

Marilyn, Joe, John

Chickie, Mary, Alan (gives Chickie the Vulcan Neck Pinch! Ouch!)

Our gracious hosts (and classy competitors), Bill and Blake

Me, Kim

Everyone's favorite Italian Joey makes Mary laugh

Mary, Felice

Kathy Joe, Fred

Here I embarras Dan as much as I can! We're having fun now!

Molly's Pub was an alternate site to dance

DJing is serious business! DJ coordinator Ken Mercik and John Festa

The folks were there. John Festa's parents, and...

Bill Cameron's parents shared a spotlight. A very cool moment.

Happy New Year!

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