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Macintosh Sr. Systems & Server Administrator/IT Director

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator/Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist


On the forefront of Macintosh computer and server technology for the last fifteen years, I am an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (OS X servers), and Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist. I have set up and managed Apple Xserves, Xraids, Apple Xsan (for video), and many OS X Servers.

I create custom OSX builds and packages with The Casper Suite, the leading Enterprise Management suite of applications, (Imaging/Patching, Mac & PC Inventory, Management Policies, SOX reporting, etc.) I have setup creative video workflows with Final Cut Server, print workflows with Version Cue Server, setup and managed AFP, SMB, NFS, FTP, SU Servers, Portable Home Directories, Netboot, Netinstall, Web and other server technologies, as well as large Backup Systems (NetVault certified). IÕve built FileMaker databases, company intranets, and managed web projects.

I have experience managing IT budgets, and bringing in projects and purchases at the lowest cost for highest value (best ROI), saving (at G2) 30% of a million dollar annual budget for my two years as G2 IT Director. Please see my Linkedin profile at for more information. 

Technical Skill Set:
¥ Systems/Servers: Macintosh OS X (thru 10.6), Macintosh OS X Server (thru 10.6), Apple Xsan 2, Final Cut Server, Netboot/Netinstall, Apache Web Server, Version Cue Server, Network/Mobile Homes, Casper Server, Windows XP-95, Linux Desktop and Server, Xinet/Webnative.

¥ Mac Software: The Casper Suite, Final Cut Server, Server Admin, Workgroup Mgr., Active Directory, Xsan Admin, Terminal, NetVault (Certified), Apple Remote Desktop, Disk Warrior, Suitcase/Font Reserve Server, Quark QPS, Adobe Creative Suite 3, MS Office, Filemaker Pro, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Applescript, InDesign, Netrestore, Quark, etc.

¥ PC Software: Acronis Workstation, MS Office, Outlook, Citrix, Adobe CS, Timbuktu Pro, etc. ¥ Protocols: TCP/IP, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, AppleTalk, PPP, DNS, and DHCP.

¥ Hardware: Xserve, Xraid, Promise Raid, Mac Pros, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, G5s, G4s, G3s, iMacs, iBooks, PowerPCs (all models), PowerBooks, IBM laptops, HP printers, Canon Fiery, Tektronix printers, Apple printers, Agfa scanners, HP scanners, digital and video cameras. Installing hard drives, RAM, PCI cards, CD drives/burners, etc. Troubleshooting External Serial, Firewire, USB, Fibre Channel and SCSI devices.  

Employment History:

2/09-5/09         Meta Media Creative Technologies

                      East Coast Regional Support Specialist – Setup and support for video production and broadcast labs using Apple Xsan 2, Final Cut Server, Vmirror, Episode Engine, OS X Server, Final Cut Studio, After Effects, Kona/Small Tree Cards, etc.


8/06-8/08         G2 Branding & Design/G2 Promotional Marketing

                      IT Director – Managed 4 IT Managers and million dollar budget for 2 offshoots of Grey Advertising. Provide OSX Server, Web, and Systems Management for 200+ Mac users (+ 40 Windows XP) beginning with the transition from Windows 2003 servers to Mac OSX Servers. Manage G2 Fileserver and G2 Video Xsan for all users and for video production staff. Implemented OSX Server features like Portable Home Directories, Netbooting, Software Update Server, Quicktime Streaming Server, Managed Preferences, etc. Created and maintained standard Mac OS X Builds using Netrestore, Active Directory authentication, and JAMF Casper Suite for Macintosh management. Member of Grey Group Macintosh Advisory council.

4/04-3/06         New York Magazine

Publishing Systems Analyst – Provided Hardware and Systems support for 120 Mac users beginning with the transition from Primedia. Provide Quark Publishing System (QPS) and Quark Xpress/CopyDesk support for late-night Production, Art and Editorial staff. Provide daily Application support for Mac users with productivity and graphics applications (e.g., Photoshop, Quark Xpress, MS Office, Outlook, etc.) Created the basic interface and pages for the company Intranet site (InsideNewYork), and assisted users in populating their department pages. Recommended and created 3 standard Mac OS 9 Builds, (Laptop, Design and Copy). Created custom OS X Build using Netrestore, with Active Directory authentication, custom crontab, shell scripts, etc. Installed Suitcase Server for font management and established NYM Standard font set. Setup Xserve Server to provide a platform for server applications like Suitcase and Retrospect, and to bind to Active Directory.

1/00-7/01         Columbia University - Health Sciences Campus

Sr. Systems Engineer Server/Network Admin at Institute for Cancer Genetics and Dept. of Pathology (NY Presbyterian Hospital). Setup Mac OS X Server (10.0), Network Assistant, Macintosh Manager, Filemaker Pro, Applescript, Retrospect, & PCMac Lan, to manage science workstations. Trained users in graphics & productivity apps. Also PC support (2000/98/95).


1/98-12/99       Entex (Bantam Doubleday Dell/Random House)

Senior Desktop Support Level 2 support for 170 mostly high-end Mac users using Photoshop, Quark, Illustrator, Media 100, Dreamweaver, BBEdit, ImageReady, Flight Check, Filemaker Pro, SAP, Novell Netware servers, MS Outlook/Office, Filewave servers, Appleshare, etc.


3/93 -                 Foote Cone Belding Healthcare

Assistant Director of Technology Technical support of a 65 user Mac WAN and Graphics Studio using Appleshare, HDT, Retrospect, LanRover, Norton, Netscape, ARA, Timbuktu. Also supported high-end Graphics machines using Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Premiere, MS Office, NOW Up-to-Date/Contact, etc


3/95 -                 Sirius Computer Consulting, LLC

Computer Consultant an IT consulting business created by Carlos Cardona, it has enjoyed such clients as Shearson-Lehman, J. Walter Thompson, Chemical Bank, Bear Stearns, Young & Rubicam, Envision East, Swiss Bank Corp, etc.

Consulting Work (8/96-10/09):

                      Disney Publishing: Mac Systems Analyst- Level 2/3 support. Managed Xserve and Xserve Raid, Supported graphic designers/art directors, created OSX builds (Intel & PPC).

                      Coty Inc: Mac Systems Analyst- Level 2/3 support for personal products company. Setup new Xserve and Xserve Raid, Suitcase Server, Retrospect backups. Supported graphic designers/art directors.

                      Universal Music Group: Mac Systems Analyst- Level 2/3 support for music company. Installed Apple Remote Desktop, supported OS 9 & X users, 2 Appleshare servers, Kodak/Imation color RIPs, Wam!Net connectivity, all graphics apps including Dreamweaver Studio 2004.

                      Hill Holliday Advertising: Mac Systems Analyst- Level 2/3 support for ad agency. Lotus Notes, instituted Apple Remote Desktop, established Builds for Graphics/Desktop/Laptop users. Supported all graphics apps, Final Cut Pro, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc. Also basic PC support.

Addison Wesley Longman: Systems Technical Advisor Server Administrator/Tech support of a 60 user Mac WAN and high-end Graphics Studio using Appleshare, HDT, Retrospect, Filemaker, Applescript. Supporting internet connectivity, TCP/IP config., Lanrovers, mass storage of college textbooks using MO/CD/DAT technol., Filemaker Pro/Autopage servers, Applescript.


EDUCATION: Apple Certified Technical Coordinator, Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist (2008). Casper Suite training, NetVault Basic Certified. Novell Netware Basic Certified. University of Maryland (Theatre), American University: (Theatre), New York University (Journalism). Electronic Directions/NYMUG/Apple Computer/Mac Academy/MetroMac, Novaworks. OTHER SKILLS: Graphic Production, Webmaster, Copy Editor, Proofreader, Photographer, Technical Writer. Taught Apple Server technologies in NYC Public Schools. Supporting Member of MetroMac User Group.