Summer Hummer 1999 Photos #2

Photos by Carlos Cardona, ©The New York Swing Dance Server
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Club Challenge Trophy, Blake

Mark the Marine, Robert, Blake during the barbecue

Andrew, Deborah

Lisa, Ray, Laurie (Lisa's the SHY one!)

Bernadette, Tom in the Pool Olympics (orange between the legs thing).
I think Tom is enjoying this TOO MUCH! Guess where I'm looking?

Carlos & Dara again? (Hey! It's my website! You're lucky it's not more!)

Angie, Brian

Petey, Janet (?)

Jacqueline, ?, Ramona

Kate Ford, our lovely (and sassy!) head judge

The Pro Jack & Jill

Dan, Dorothy, our entry from the Gotham Swing Club

Antoinette, Jody

Tammy, Eric