West Coast Swing Steps Database!
by Carlos Cardona

Note: you have to know your West Coast Swing basics to take advantage of these notes!


Robert Cordoba/Deborah Szekeley (Dance Manhattan):

Cuddle Wrap: 2 hand hold into cuddle position (4), shifting her weight to L leg. Step-tap starting on 5 (w/ or w/o turning) to 12 (or back to L side). J lead R to R arm out to handshake hold.

Body Snake: Piston J lead to front of you 3 (catch L hip with R hand). Turn her 1 & 1/2 turn CC to 5 with deep 2nd position plié, R arm around waist, drop L arm. Snake up the torso to 8 or 10. Tuck turn out.

Basic Slide Move: 2 hand hold. Half inside turn to tight sweetheart position on 3, your weight on L leg. Lung backwards to R leg to 6, follower sliding both legs and coming up by 8, anchor to 10.

Accelerated Whip: normal whip until 2. On 3 jump across slot, leg hooking behind to pivot 180 to face down slot (&4). Let out slow 5&6.

Walk Back Whip w/Kick & Pivot: normal "walk-back" whip (walking her down slot 5,6). On 7 kick R leg across slot, land 8. Pivot quickly 180 w/follower 9, L foot 10, out 11&12.

Eric & Tammi (Boston Tea Party 2001):

Cutoff Right Side Pass to 5&6. Lead (2 hands) down slot to Revolving Door (out 7&8).
Tuck w/hand change (R hand over head). In and Outs (1), second one leads to Guy Slide (180 degree)
Girl outside turn w/hand change to Shoulder Hits (5&6).
Right Side Pass with let-go on 1, pick up on 4.

Mario Robeau:

-Whip w/Waist Lead: Switch to Right hand on 2, put hand on hip and stay facing same direction. Follower goes around you and lead her hip into a CW single turn on 5, finish anchor step.

-Tuck to arm check, 3&4 to back check 7&8 (repeat as necessary), then come out on double turn to Right (like a right side pass).

-Right Side Pass with turn (simple yet effective!): Usual 1,2, then lead to CCW turn on 3&4, anchor.

NADC 2001:
L side over her head side pass, to leader's L shoulder (on 4, after 1/2 turn), slide down R arm while turning back to her 5&6 (handshake hold). R side pass but leader crosses slot to (closed position) comb on 4 (R hand behind neck). Rock back 5 (Easy version: & 6 to other side (right arm), then tuck turn out). Full Version: R arm over follower's L shoulder for double turn, &6, 7&8). Catch her lowerback on 8, lead forward while offering R hand and come around her as she comes back 5&6, taking her left hand underneath (R over L two hand hold). Lead L to 2-step type wrap/unwrap 5 AND 2! Catch her L hand and free spin her 3&4, 5&6.

Maxwell Ho:

-Whip w/Syncopation: Normal whip through count 4. Then: Sync. 5 AND 6 (back, together, forward) ronde jambe the left leg around to 8. Then do Right Side Pass with a Kick, Ball change on 1 AND 2 to get out.

-2 Left Side Passes w/Sync: (1) ronde jambe the right leg around to 6, or (2) Big Leg Slap on 5, down 6.

Tim Auclair & Michelle Wells:

-Washing Machine Step: 2 hand tuck turn gets hands in correct position (left over right). Lead forward (left side) with crossed hands in 2 & 1/2 turns to leader's left, ending left hand up right hand down at bicep (on 4, or 6 if you need more time!). Start washing machine by combing left hand overhead while right hand comes up (pivot) and over follower's head so that both her arms end on her shoulders (leader's are crossed). Repeat washing machine as many as five times (counts are 1,2, or 5,6, whichever you like). End with a free spin of follower (CC), anchor step.

-Front Lariat (normal hold) to Behind Back Lariat (handshake hold)
-Basket whip to Hammerlock, 5&6. On 1 throw follower up arm under leader's R arm, 2, turn follower to right and grab upper arm for hand rocks (however many you want)/
-Left side pass w/cc turn then go around w/follower (guide w/right hand back to slot) and self-turn.

-St. Louis whip (Version 2 w/extra turn on 9)
-Right side pass w/elbow over 5&6, both arms around follower's back for 1 & 1/2 turns to right, end in closed position, 5&6. Close out w/inside pivot to open position, 5&6.

-Right-Side Cut-off w/hit on 4, 5&6 settle follower into back leg.
-Walk the Dog: tuck to half-circle walk, 5,6,7&8.
-Tummy-push whip, freeze on 4. Step-taps &6, &8, &10.

-Handshake hold: Swivel push (in front of you, follower back to you on 4). Grab upper arm & pivot 5, 6. Outside turn 1&1/2 turn 7&8
- Handshake hold: Swivel to lunge on 4 down the slot (grab L to L hand), up 5, Outside turn 1&1/2 turn 7&8
-Underarm hand change
-Arm catch on 3, inside doule turn to 6.

Avner Uzan:

-Push Break variations (slide, jump)
-Push Break &3(to side), hold 4/back &6
-Right side pass with turn away (&5) (heel)/back right 6,7&8.
-Hip bumps left, right, with crossovers (hold 2, kick 3 &4)
-John Fink whip (&6&7&8)
-Corkscrew push break (scuff&4)
-Arch back whip
-Robert behind back(w/o pivots)
-Whip with fake on 5 underarm out Arm fling blind catch behind back Wrap whip arm in on 5
-Left side Sync: 3&4&5&6
-Push break scuff in front on 5
-R Side pass (self neck wrap) with over tuck or duck ending
-Ankle lead on 5 (off tuck turn)

Debbie Ramsey:

Push Break w/outside turn
Face Loop (Belly Push-handshake to L shoulder)
Tuck Turn (Both hands release variation)
L Side Pass/R Side Pass
Basic Whip
Whip with inside/outside turns (& doubles)
Inside Whip (J lead) w/double outside turn
Inside Whip to arm behind back to pivots
Half Whip
Basket Whip
-R Side Pass to over head (B to B); change hands: 1)out to comb; 2) out to triple turn; 3)out to behind back->pivots
-Inside Whip w/slingshot ending (8)
-6 count whip with arm catch end
-Inside Whip to hammerlock. Forward 2 turns to cuddle on 6, turn & 8, turn & 10; outside turn (11&12), 13 & 14
-Neck wrap combo: Inside whip-outside turns to neck wrap, basket whip to hammerlock(stay left!) lead to right, grab R arm on 2, L arm on 3, & tuck w/push to 1 1/2 turns
-2 hand tuck but stay holding, bring behind head to other side (w/or w/o turn)
-R side pass behind my head (facing L to slot) & extend to J lead free Clockwise spin
-Hand switch whip (8), bring in to cuddle & back out (6); Crossed hands (L on top); Comb (6-closed pos. take hand); Tuck to shoulder lead forward around to CC turn
-Cross Hand Routine (L over R)1,2,3 (outside turn & push around to 6 (sweetheart pos.); 1 (push away-fake) 2 (R foot forward), come in front 3&4 & hook turn to (my) arm behind back; Belly whip 1,2, (belly) 3&4, 5 (hand left shoulder); Push around Cwise to 7&8
-Behind back whip/hand up (Lead to R); turn to face R (4); Comb while turning (5) (grab R wrist w/R) (&6)/bring R to hammerlock 3&4; (Then: either grab hand 5, Jersey lead to CC spin 7&8/OR: stay in front & touch shoulder w/L hand & whip to R, exit)
-Side whip to hammerlock 3&4, Pivot 5&6/1,2,3&4 (spin) to close 5&6; Tuck 2, Tap & Tap (3&4) (grab L shoulder) Turn CC 7&8
-Whip Syncopation: go under arm at 5
-Tuck to hammerlock (stay R); 1,2, turn 3, you turn R on 4, 5&6 grab wrist; side whip J lead to 7&8 (or put her L hand around your shoulder, stand in front, then lead to R as you move out of slot 7&8)
-Revolving door whip (behind back whip w/CC hammerlock turn for guy-7&8-arm around back) lead across you to R then whip out
-Round the world whip (duck head) (Tuck turn in, then out); Basket whip to change hands -turning side pass
-Lindy whip w/cross back on 7&8->tuck & J lead CC turn (3&4)
-Scoop whip: face to face on 4, check & stkep back (while bringing her forward) to 5, then down and around 6,7&8 (handshake hold, lead straight out)
-Rim Whip: Extra pivot on 4, then bring her around 360 degrees (&5 is a jump) to 7&8 (hold legs together & pivot)
-Whip into guy's Cwise turn (whip leg around 7&8) anchor 9&10
Slide Whip: on 6, bump on 8
-Head pop (for girl): turning inside pass (2 turns); tuck head to R shoulder on 4, roll around to 6
-Right Hand behind the back 4 pivot around right 5&6 free spin CC 9&10 -Under the arm routine
-Scoop whip variation
-2 hand Barrel roll to wrap (leader on left in dominant position, on 6) Lead down slot to hammerlock on 4, back up slot to wrap on 8. Then straight out, uncurling her to 6.

John Festa:

-Fake Whip: continue holding on 5,6,7&8, syncopate
-2 Hand Routine: 2 hand push break, lean L 3, R on 4, double turn on 5&6, out bump (8)

Ramiro Gonzalez:

-Propeller turn (to L) pivot 5&6. Bring in & elbow block on 3, double turn to 6
Apache whip to L side turning side pass to foot flicks

Angel Figueroa:

-R side pass syncopation: Hitch 2, kick ball change, 5, 6
-Kissing Step: Handshake turn J lead to 4, pivot around to double outside turn

Robert Cordoba:

-R side pass sync. w/flick
-R side pass sync. w/skip into another pass: 1,2 &3&4, scuff, 6; skip &2, 3&4, 5&6
-Blind sailor lead: spin whip, turn away. 4 sailor triples, lead through with turn
-Pivots after Whip: on 6 to 10, back forward turn on 5&6, 7&8
-R side pass to comb: flat to slot, lead inside turn to comb L (4), lead R (6), tuck out 7&8
-Man's basket 1,2,3&4,5,6,7,8 to hammerlock (4) to woman's basket (4) to double turn under arm 5,6,7&8 (in front of her) to face loop push
-Pivot Whip (1,2,3&4,5,6, hook X front) to Run Around (1,2,3&4, 5&6)
-Pivot Whip (1,2,3&4,5,6, hook X front) to weak hammerlock (1,2,3&4,5,6,7&8) & straight out

Hitting breaks:
-Cut off or Closed Whip (3 & 7 break)
-Spin Whip (7 break) hip roll 7&8, straight out
-R side pass lunge on 5, up 6,7, step back 8

Ken/Donna Rosell:

-Scrambler step: 2 hand hold, around to open stretch on 6, in to sweetheart on 4, hammerlock on 6, duck under and bring through for double outside turn (on 6!) WHEW! YOU ARE GOOD!

-Left Side Pass w/J lead pivots her around so you are behind her continuing down the slot on 4 (Right foot is in front, grab both arms above elbow) Then: pivot your brains out every 2 counts, finish CW turn to anchor step.

-Hitch kick series: any number of them to 7&8+, then walks back)
-L side pass w/check (3&4), turn Cwise 5&6, to body wrap & around


-Left side pass pick up: bump on 6
Double under the follower's arm turn: Cross grip (R to R, L to L) Step around the right side, in front and into slot on 3, holding arms up overhead. Self double turn, led by follower. End side by side.
-L side pass w/turn into sweetheart, overtuck out
-L side pass w/CC turn, side pass out
-3 walls
-Double side comb
-Tuck turn to Hammerlock, double turn out
-L side pass to comb (on 5)
-Apache whip, flat to slot: lead R, lead L, tuck out
-R side pass to guy's hammerlock: 1) belly coaster back & forth, end straight out or behind back; 2) out to tuck turn free spin 3) out to tuck turn body wrap & around
-one arm push around to body wrap & around

Barry Jones:

Whip with slide left (on 6), anchor step (cross front)